Voter Information Guide

A voter information guide provides vital research to people who may otherwise not have time to research the candidates and their respective positions on important issues. Moreover, political parties advise candidates not to complete surveys or questionnaires sent to them by groups and organizations so that there is not a record of where a candidate actually stands on an issue, especially wedge issues or controversial topics. 

However, voter information guides provide accurate information that voters need and can make a difference in how confidently they participate in an election. They don’t need to be an expensive production. The goal is to let voters know the specifics on where (and when) to vote and where the candidates stand on important issues facing your local community. 

Too often, voters don’t understand the basics of participating in an election, even if they understand the importance of making their voices heard. They don’t know their options for voting, or the simple mechanics of when, where, and how to take each step in an election. As one young newly registered voter said, “What, exactly, do you do when you go to the place where you vote?”

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