Utilize Social Media

Creating a New Facebook Group

  1. Come up with a name for a group.
  2. Login to Facebook.
  3. Type some key words for your group idea in the “Search” box in the left-hand column. You’ll want to see whether or not you’ve actually had an original idea before you create your group. Also, make sure it is something other people would know about and isn’t just an inside joke amongst friends.
  4. Click “Profile” at the top, then Click “Info” from your profile.
  5. Scroll to the bottom. To the right of the Groups section, click “See All.”
  6. Click “Create a group” at the top of that page.
  7. Give your group a name. Make sure the name is distinct and simple. If it is too complicated, no one will ever find it; and your membership will be limited.
  8. Describe your group in the “Description” area. Be very specific, as keyword searches will match anything you have written in this text box.
  9. Fill out the contact information. You may decide to enter things like street address and telephone number in the description, or you can just set up a Facebook email for your group.
  10. Choose your privacy settings.  An open group, anybody on Facebook will be allowed to see posts and join the group. A closed group will allow only invited members to see posts or join, but anyone on Facebook will be able to search the group. A private group means that only those invited will see the group, including all its members and posts.
    1. You can also take this time to choose the membership approval and posting permission options.
  11.  Click “save.”
  12.  Roll over the top bar of the group. Click on the image of a Photo in the top right and choose “Upload photo.”
  13.  Choose a network. Note that this step will only appear if your Facebook has not yet switched over to timeline.
    1. Will your group be accessible only to those in your region or school district? If so, choose the region or school from the drop-down list of networks to which you belong.
    2. Will your group be accessible to everyone on Facebook? If so, choose “Global.”
  14.  Choose a category and sub-category. Note that this, too, is only an option if you have not yet switched to timeline. Once again, be specific, as those who are browsing will find your group only if it is in the correct category.
  15.  Set ground rules such as , no profanity, no insulting others, be kind, only posts permitted are those related to this mission of this group, etc.
  16.  Make a few trusted people administrators of the page and monitor posts and interactions. Delete inappropriate posts, comments, etc.
  17.  Encourage members to run complaints through admins and not to FB as that could get your page shut down.

Facebook Tips

Creating graphics reaps huge follower/exposure benefits:

  • Create kitschy graphics on a semi-frequent basis that encourage others to share your post.
  • Always include branding on the graphic. 
  • When posting graphics as a Facebook post, always write an organizational identifier to accompany the graphic and include links when applicable.
  • At this time, the best graphics websites to use are picmonkey and canva.[JA4] 
  • Post to Facebook frequently with current and relatable information – at a minimum, daily.
  • Live video gets pushed to the top of FB feeds. Keep video relevant and under 2 minutes, unless you are covering an emerging issue.


  • Utilize photography often; people love to see themselves on a  FB page, and they will share.
  • Photograph events, elections, locals, anything of interest – let your Facebook family know you are in their neighborhood.

General tips

  • Engage others in conversation; ask questions; invite opinions. ALWAYS SHARE THE CREDIT!
  • Delete any offensive, crude, or harassing comments.
  • Ban offensive, crude or harassing commenters.