Make a List – Check It Twice

Keys to Effective Messages

It is important to be disciplined in communicating your message.  Your issues have many important points, but you must pick the best points and repeat those points until you don’t want to say them anymore!

For example, your group’s point of view may be limited government and lower taxes, but the most powerful message is LESS GOVERNMENT

It is tempting to try to massage issues and find corners and edges to discuss but resist that temptation.  Pick the three or four most powerful points and focus all your communication on those points.

One of the most important aspects of communicating effectively is to know exactly what you want to say and then actually getting those words out.  First, think of the two or three main points you want to make and write them down.  Try to keep them as conversational as possible – as if you’re explaining something to a friend who’s not familiar with the issue you’re discussing.  These key message points should be exactly what you’d want your quote to be if you’re the one writing a news article about it.

After you’ve decided on your key message points, you’ve got to be prepared to deliver them – no matter what the reporter or questioner asks.  Reporters will often try to knock you off your message; so it’s important to try to build a bridge from the reporter’s question to your key message points whenever possible.  You can use transitional phrases like, “I think the important thing to remember is…” or “That’s an interesting point, but it doesn’t change the fact that…”

If you keep these messaging tips in mind the next time you’ve got an interview or presentation, you’ll find that your audience is much more likely to hear and see exactly what you want them to.